My Instinct Studio of design. development. research. print. marketing.

A little more about studio by instinct

We are Instinct School and Studio of Design. Apart from being the best design institute in the city, we also plan on to building the best design studio. With experience of over 5 years in the design industry we have worked with number of brands including Dr. Kiran Bedi, Paisley Daize from London UK, Actress Rupali suri, and La Orbis organics etc.

Research & Development

Instinct School and Studio of Design also focuses on research and development of tools, apps and products. We are currently working on tools to empower small businesses, from marketing to help them with their day to day tasks. Want help with your small business? Contact us!

The School of Design

Apart from just being a studio, we are very much focused on teaching new skills to the upcoming generation of designers. With our online learning portal we are trying to reach the masses. Our low cost courses assures that design as a skill is accessible to all in need.

Our Happy Clients